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There was a time when Las Vegas was the only place that knew of Casinos, but as time went by, casino bonus deals began grabbing the attention of the whole world. The mounting fame, and popularity of casino’s promptly saw the rise of online casino’s.

Soon, Las Vegas casinos will be watching the money that was once theirs, running away to the online casino owners.

But what has kept casino’s in general so vivacious? And why are people becoming crazy for online casino?

Online Casinos are not offering any food and beverage like land based casinos, whereas they have played a very smart and safe game to entice the visitors.

They have done a miracle with the sounds and graphics of the websites to make it lively and enticing.

A user can adjust the look and feel of their game according to their tastes; they won’t even realize that they are playing a virtual Casino. Above all, casinos have applied new tricks to attract novice and their old customers.

They keep on offering new bonuses with great amounts.

There are many types of bonuses offered by the casinos to novice and the skilled players, but there are different liabilities are associated with different offers. Let us discuss the types of bonuses one by one.

1. Casino Welcome Bonus or a registration, Sign up Bonus : It is a kind of small token money to attract the new players and pushing them to keep on playing.

2. No Deposit Bonus: Casino offers this NO Deposit Bonus to motivate you for keep on playing.

It does not require any other deposit ; instead Casino offers you some more free money to try your luck one more time.

3. Free Money or Loyalty VIP Bonus : Casino has offered this bonus to keep motivating the zeal of loyal existing players. Players are rewarded with the points on their each achievement, which can be accumulated and can be transferred to credits. Further, it can be used to play other bets.

4. Refer a Friend Bonus: In this Bonus three of the ends get some kind of benefit.

The person who has referred a friend got a credit of Refer a Friend Bonus, the referred friend got a welcome bonus and the Casino earns a new Player, but terms are applied that the referred friend should not be an existing user.

5. Match Bonus :  This bonus is offered to the existing players initially or the second or third time, when a player deposits some amount. Then Casino will offer some percentage of amounts after matching the players deposit.

6. High Roller Bonuses : If you have made your first deposit a huge one, then you have hit the bulls eye.
It means you are qualified for a High Roller Bonus from most casinos.

7. Monthly/Weekly Bonus: Sometimes, online casinos offer exceptional bonuses to their potential members to entice them. It is somewhat similar to Match Bonus.

Some percentage of bonuses will be offered on the maximum amount deposited by the player in the week or month. 8. Cash Back Bonus: Under some terms and conditions, this bonus is give to those players who have lost some amount in the bets. It helps the customers in not losing the hope and zeal for playing.