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What are Spread Betting Predictions
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What are Spread Betting Predictions

In order to understand what Spread Betting Predictions are, it’s first helpful to know what a “Spread” actually is. Basically, in any event or sport where a Spread is used, oddsmakers (bookies, traders) first determine a range of results that are the most likely outcome in whatever the event or sport happens today. Numerically speaking, this can differ from one event or sports to the next but it is widely used across several online casino/beting platforms such as M88 Vietnam or Sbobet in Asia and as we know all online betting in the USA is mostly illegal at present.
For the sake of example, let’s say that the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League are playing at home against the Dallas Cowboys. The oddsmakers then decide to give the Cowboys a 3.5 point lead, something that would be expressed numerically as +3.5 for the Cowboys and -3.5 for the Vikings and would look like this;
Dallas Cowboys +3.5
@ Minnesota Vikings -3.5
These are called Spread Betting Predictions.
The difference between spread betting and standard fixed odds is that, with fixed odds, you will either win or lose a set amount of money based on whether you are exactly right or wrong on a bet. With spread betting you’ll actually need to predict the outcome of an event and whether or not it’s going to be bigger or smaller than the oddsmaker have said it’s going to be.
The closer you are to being correct about the outcome of an event the more money you’ll win and, conversely, the further away you are from the correct event outcome the more money you will lose.
There are a number of reasons to Spread bet, including;

  • The more correct you are the more money you will win
  • The betting options available will increase greatly
  • Many of the Spread Betting markets offer an excellent value
  • Oddsmakers sometimes make mistakes and you can take advantage of that
  • Even before an event starts you can close your bets and lock in your profit

The Risks of Spread Betting
Basically, novice gambler expose themselves to greater potential losses with Spread Betting and thus the risks are much higher for those who don’t have a lot of experience and don’t understand exactly how to play. That being said, it’s best to educate yourself about how spread betting works, as well as how much you can lose on a spread bet, before you place any bets. Simply put, you can lose a lot of money very quickly in spread betting, so do your homework before you begin.

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