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By choosing a stop time before entering the casino, you can control the amount you may lose. This is the most basic technique there is. All you need to do is set the alarm on your cell phone for a specific time and as soon as you hear the alarm, you end the round you're in and then you leave the casino. Leaving the casino will not only stop you from losing any more money however it will also enable you to clear your head and eventually you can return to the casino and start fresh from the beginning.

Cut Off Point: To help make certain you do not give in to the gambling gods and fork over all your savings to the casino, I suggest setting a cut off point. This means that once you hit your set amount, you push yourself away from the table and leave the casino. It doesn't matter if you go to the bar, have some food or take a shower and a nap. Simply leaving the casino will assist you regain your attachment to reality. Then after an hour or so, you can return to the casino and start over in a better state of mind than when you walked away before.

Voice of Reason:

When you are gambling alone if you should start to lose, the only one who's going to tell you to leave the casino is your conscious, but then you will get the other voice in your head telling you that if you simply risk more, the reward will be even better when you win. If you're gambling with a friend, they can tell you when you're getting out of control and can physically drag you from the casino if that's needed. Of all the different safety nets you can use, this one is the best, just make certain that your friend is a responsible gambler and that he is not a 95 pound weakling to ensure that if needed, he truly can drag you from the casino.

Public Internet Access: Many cafes and restaurants now provide free Wifi access to the internet and for those who don't have a laptop with them, they will have one or two terminals that you can make use of but they are coin operated. Because they are just meant for short term use, it will prevent you from sitting there and losing money for long periods of time, after a half hour or so, somebody is going to ask you if they can use the computer.

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