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 Casino Criticised for Sending Promo Emails to Compulsive Gamblers

A US-based casino were left red-faced and under heavy criticism after a “software glitch” meant that they contacted a series of compulsive gamblers with promotional material.

Caesars Entertainment, who are based in New Jersey, sent the advertisements to the people on their “do not contact” list after the gamblers put themselves on the list to try and kick the habit. However, after the software suffered with a few gremlins in the system, it was the addicts who received the ads and not the target audience. The lists of “do not contact” people are a great idea to help people to kick the habit, something that many agencies and companies have been trying to enforce around the world.

More than 250 people were inadvertently contacted and fortunately for Caesars employees at the heart of the incident, there were no fines placed on them after a change in the laws back in 2013 to legalize online gambling. However, the company itself is being fined around $10,000.

It isn’t the first time that Caesars has made a grave error, however, as back in 2003 it didn’t include “1-800-GAMBLER”, the compulsive gambler hotline number in a prominent enough position in its billboard advertising - so at least you can tell that they’ve tried to do something about their advertising of help and support for players of online bingo and other casino games, (which you can find on sites like Two Big Ladies if you’re looking for some entertainment yourself.)

Seth Palansky, who is the Vice President of the company, said in an interview that “we can assure the public that this lapse on our part was not an intentional targeting of these patrons, but simply a back-end software issue that failed to properly scrub our database before certain mailings.”

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